Prep, 1 & 2 Science – Week 10 – Watch it Grow

Has your mealworm gone through a massive change? What if you could change in to something different?

The Hulk goes through Metamorphosis, he changes into something twice his normal size! Draw a colorful picture of what you wish you could change into. An animal, a super hero?

Make your wish come true and draw you changing into something amazing. Send a pic of your drawing to Mr.A at

Year 3 & 4 Science – Week 10 – Materials

This is the last week of Term 3 and our topic ‘Materials’. Create a poster illustrating and labeling how we use all kinds of different materials in our day to day lives. Have a look at the materials listed on the pictures provided and draw on your poster how you and your family use these materials. Get colorful and creative and take a pic of your poster and send it to Mr.A at

Year 5 & 6 Science – Week 10 – Electricity & Energy

It’s the final lesson for this Term for our topic ‘Energy’

Make a poster illustrating and labeling the ideas and concepts you have learned about regarding Energy this term.

Water Wheels, Electrical Appliances, How is Electricity created? How does your family use electricity? Get creative and get colorful and send a pic of your poster to Mr.A at

Yr 5 & 6 Science – Week 9 – Energy

A television is provided with energy via electricity. It transforms this electrical energy into Sound Energy (the volume of the program), Light Energy (the picture on the screen) and Heat Energy (the inner workings of the TV).

Draw 3 other appliances in your home which are powered by electricity and label the ways the energy is then transformed into other forms of energy.

*email a picture of your drawings to Mr.A at


Yr 3 & 4 Science – Week 9 – Materials

What allows a boat to float? All this term we have been investigating materials, but which materials float and which sink? Does the shape of a material matter?

Your task this week is to make 2 boats from 2 different materials. Paper, rubber gloves, plastic, sticks, playdough, leaves, anything you like! Then place them in some water (perhaps the bathtub) and find out which materials floated!

Take a picture of your boat designs and email them to Mr.A at

Prep – 2 Week 9 Science – Watch it Grow

METAMORPHASIS – Has your mealworm changed form completely?

If you are lucky enough to still have your healthy Mealworm in your cup – take a look and see!

Did you know Mealworms go through a process, like a butterfly, called metamorphasis – changing form into a DARKLING BEETLE!

So cool. For Science this week make a playdough model of a darkling beetle! Use the picture here if you need!

Yr 5 & 6 Science – Week 8 – Energy

Create a short story (atleast 4-5 paragraphs) writing about A POWER BLACKOUT!

Where is the story set? What causes the power to go out? What happens to the characters in the dark?

Is there a hero to save the day?

Remember a ‘Sizzling Start’ to your story – and a title that grabs your attention! Get writing, or type it up on a Word document and send it to Mr.A at

**the best stories can be posted for everyone to read!

Yr 3 & 4 – Week 8 – Science – Materials

Learning About Plastics

Read the information about plastics below and place each sentence into either of these headings – PLUS (positive) MINUS (negative) or INTERESTING.

Plastics are a processed material used to make things such
as bank notes, milk containers, toys and clothing.
Where do plastics come from?
Most plastics today are manufactured from oil which
is a valuable, limited resource. Some plastics can
be recycled.
Properties and uses of plastic
All plastics are easy to shape. Objects made from plastics
are generally lighter than similar objects made of other
Some plastics do not let electricity or heat pass through
them, and can be used to keep us safe. Unlike glass, most
plastics do not shatter when dropped and so will not break
or cut people.
Plastics are waterproof. They will not rot like wood or rust like
steel. This means that objects made from plastic last for a
long time.
The future
Scientists are researching ways to develop biodegradable
plastics that are made from renewable resources such as
plants. For example, one Australian company has invented a
new type of plastic made from corn starch.


Prep – 2 Science – Week 8 – Watch Animals Grow

Is your mealworm growing? Is it becoming an adult?

Some animals change a lot over their lifetime, others just seem to get bigger!

Has your mealworm changed? Which animals change a lot in their life?

Below are 2 animals which change, a cute lion cub changes into the king of the jungle!

A baby sea turtle (hatchling) doesn’t change too much – it just gets BIGGER!

Activity – Choose an animal to draw, firstly when it is young then when it’s an adult.

Year 1 & 2 students could label the features which change on your chosen animal.

Color your pictures and send a photo of them to Mr.A at