Remote Learning – Friday October

P-2 Investigation Project – Middle Island Warrnambool

Creating a little penguin habitat

Today you will engage in the following activities to learn more about the Little Penguins’ habitat on Middle Island. 

  • Watch short videos about the Little Penguin habitat to learn new facts and get a closer view of what the habitat looks like.
  • Create your very own Little Penguin habitat using what you have learnt.
  • You may like to use a shoe box, paper, magazines, glue, pencils and textas to create your habitat. Watch the video ‘Shoe box habitat’ (below) for some tips on creating your habitat.



Making a diorama

Use these examples below to help you for ideas.

Sounds Write

As a Sounds Write follow-up please access a decodable reader for your child to practice ‘saying the sounds and reading the words’.

Session A reader – Click on the link below:

Dot and Dan

Session B reader – Click on the link below:

Meg and Jim’s Sled Trip

Extended Code reader – Click on the link below:

Tracking with Uncle Joe

International talk like a Pirate Day!

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Click on the link below to access pirate themed mindfulness colouring in for some early holiday fun!

Pirate themed mindfulness colouring

Big Life Boost Activities


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