Remote Learning- Tuesday 15th September

Reading (20 minutes)

*Your child must use Wushka or ActiveLearn to access new books. Students will not receive new readers from school.

Learning intention – We are learning to read our readers fluently.
Success Criteria –

  • I can read with a clear voice.
  • I can read in phrases (words together).
  • I can notice and use the punctuation.
  • I can use expression when I am reading.

Wushka Task – Sign in and complete your assigned task.

  • Books have been allocated to your child
  • Read your allocated books more than once before you answer the questions. P/1 students may need a parent to read the questions. Please do not give your child the answer or influence their answers in any way. This will only tell us what you know – not what your child knows.
  • Read one allocated book from the Reading Group box today. Complete the matching comprehension/quiz questions.

*Please note, your teacher will be checking to see how you went with this task.

Watch Mrs Kenna’s video below to understand how to read a Wushka text. Mrs Kenna ‘thinks aloud’ to show how to read the text carefully, and attend to the pictures and ideas in the story. She also shows how to answer the quiz questions after reading.


Sounds Write

Learning Intention – We are learning to ‘say the sounds and read the word’, and ‘say the sounds and write the word’.
Success Criteria –

  • I can say the sounds in a word.
  • I can say the sounds in order (segment).
  • I can say the sounds and read the word (blend).
  • I can say the sounds and write the word using correct letter formation.

Session A and B

This week we won’t be doing Webex meetings for Sounds Write. Instead the children will be able to watch a video of their session. Please encourage your child to ‘say the sounds and read the word’ with the teacher and then ‘say the sounds and write the word’. Feel free to stop the video to give your child time to do these things.

Session A

Session B

Use the speed read sheet below to ‘say the sounds and read the words’.

speed read sheet unit 11 th, ck, wh

Extended Code

Students working on Extended Code do not have Webex meetings for Sounds Write and will complete their tasks independently, using resources located below. The activities are also explained in the video below.

Sounds Write home activities – week 10 & Week 1

O – word cards

Extended Code Speed Read Sheet Week 10 and Week 1

Crow’s Note

Sounds~Write Follow up – Write your sight words/sounds~write words in rainbow colours.

Optional Webex Meeting for P/1O & P/1R– Refer to the codes sent to you via SeeSaw. This is an opportunity for the whole class to touch base and to ask questions.

NO WEBEX CHECK-IN TODAY FOR 1/2B OR 2K – Please note there will be no 11.15 am check in Webex Meetings for 1/2B or 2K as Mrs Barling and Mrs Kenna are on-site today.


Fluency– Use the sheet provided from school to trace over/write the alphabet. Ensure that your child is focusing using correct pencil grip along with the correct starting position.

Learning Intention –
We are learning to plan and write a persuasive piece of writing.

Success Criteria

  • I can talk about my ideas and reason.
  • I can draw a picture to support my reason.
  • I can write keywords to support my reason.
  • I can draw and write keywords to support two or three reasons.

*Listen to the story ‘Why I love Footy?’.

Think and talk about what sport or pastime you love and why. 

Why I love ……..

Look at the examples provided below and write about a sport or pastime that you enjoy and the reasons why.

*Examples only, please do not copy.

I love  ________  because ______________ .

Prep- Write a range of short repetitive sentences. For example:

I Love footy because I like to play with my friends.

I love footy because I can get muddy!

Grade 1–  Include two or more reasons.

I love tennis because I play it in the summer.  I can play tennis with my big sister and sometimes I win!

Grade 2-  Include two or more reasons.

I absolutely love playing with Lego! I enjoy building things with Mum and Dad. I love the challenge of following instructions to build challenging objects. When I’m finished building I even get to play with my creation.


Fluency (15 minutes)
Trace over the number sheet-  
Ensure that you start in the correct starting position
Counting goal- 
Practice your individual counting goal.

Learning intention- We are learning to recognise and know our ‘partners for 10’.
Success Criteria–

  • I can recognise and say the numbers to 10.
  • I can say some ‘partners for ten’ such as 5 and 5, 10 and 0, 9 and 1.
  • I can say all of the ‘partners for 10’.
  • I can quickly say all of the ‘ ‘partners for 10’.

Warm up – Partners for 10

Resources – deck of cards.

See video below for instructions on how to play this game.

Prep – Practice turning over the cards and saying the matching ‘partner for 10’. Use counters (two different colours or types) placed in a tens frame formation (see below) to help you work out the partners for 10.

Grade One & Two – Practice turning over the cards and saying the matching ‘partner for 10’. You may need to use a tens frame (above) to help you to work out and learn your ‘partners for 10’ facts. As you gain more confidence this week you can time yourself. Try to improve on the time it takes to say all ‘partners for 10’.

Challenge: Can you identify all the ‘partners for 10’ in one minute or less?

Activities for today-


Rows of 2 worksheet

Count the rows of two using skip counting. Write the sum to match the picture.

Year One & Two:


Grade One-

Subtraction – IXL tasks – Click on the links below.

Subtracting 3

Subtracting 3 (Year 1 maths practice)

Subtracting 5

Subtracting 5 (Year 1 maths practice)

Subtracting Number Sentences

Practising Year 1 maths: ‘Ways to make a number – subtraction sentences’


Subtracting Doubles

Subtract doubles (Year 2 maths practice)


Grade Two-

Subtraction – IXL tasks – click on the links below:

Subtraction with pictures

Subtraction with pictures (Year 2 maths practice)

Write the subtraction sentence.

Practising Year 2 maths: ‘Write subtraction sentences to describe pictures – up to 18’

Subtraction Word Problems

Practising Year 2 maths: ‘Subtraction word problems – up to 18’


Subtracting Word Problems

Practising Year 3 maths: ‘Subtract numbers up to three digits – word problems’


Specialist Blog for today- Science

Mr A’s Science –

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