Woodford PE challenge – Week 10 – Holiday Challenges

Prep – Yr 6 can all have a go at these over the next few days or while your enjoying your holidays.

Here are some fun ideas in or outside the house! Have a go at making your own mini golf courses like Mr.J in the following video. His cats are adorable too!

Play against your family or play alone – Mr A will be hitting golf balls in his backyard on sunny days!

But if it is cold or wet, try one of Mr.A’s favorite indoor challenges he used to enjoy as a boy.

Rolling to Room Challenge – All you will need is a tennis ball! or anything soft you can roll.

Start at your front door and see how many rolls it takes you to roll the tennis ball into every room in your house.

The ball must go into or through every room – But you can not stop your ball from rolling yourself.

Simply count how many rolls it takes and start again and see if you can improve your score. Play against your family or make objects for your ball to rebound against so you can direct your ball into rooms easier.

Have fun and take some photos of you enjoying being active and send them to Mr.A at davea@woodfordps.vic.edu.au

Woodford PE Challenge – Week 9 – Gymnastics

Time to get ready for Term 4. Within P.E in Term 4 when we return to school we will be enjoying our Gymnastics program with Mr.A.

To get ready for our Gymnastics program this week’s task is to follow the gymnastics activities on the clips below.

Prep, 1 & 2 – Have a go at this!

Year 3 & 4 challenge: After enjoying the first clip follow along with this.

Year 5 & 6 challenge; * follow along when you can! Never mind if you cant do the splits – I can’t either!

I can’t wait for Term 4 to begin! Seeya soon – Mr.A ** Have a go at any or ALL of these clips if you like.

Woodford PE – Week 8 Challenge – Soccer at home!

We missed our Winter Sports program at school this term, so have go at all these wonderfully fun soccer challenges you can do at home!

**Year 3- 6 students – after completing these soccer challenges can you create your own soccer challenge outside?

How many kicks does it take for you to get all the way around the outside of your house?

How many kicks does it take for you to aim at a trunk of a tree and hit it from 10 meters away?

If you don’t have a soccer ball, get creative – kick your socks around or boot an old soft toy.

Make your own soccer ball and HAVE FUN!

*send a pic or a clip of yourself to Mr.A at davea@woodfordps.vic.edu.au


Woodford P.E Week 7 Challenge

Get your bat & ball and get busy!

Woodford’s P.E challenge this week asks you to hit a ball in the air A LOT.

Prep students – can you hit it 100 times?

Year 1 – 200 times

Year 2 – 500 times

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 – 1000 TIMES!

Do you think it may be hard to count that high?

Make a chart, counting by 10’s like our on site students did. Take a look at these charts, and try 10 hits at a time.

Year 3-6 kids….is doing 10 hits in a row too easy? Try 100 hits without stopping!

Or watch the clip below and join Mr.A in completing all 1000 hits without the ball hitting the ground!

IMG_1244 Use a Bat and ball, or a tennis racquet, a pair of socks or a balloon – it doesn’t matter – HAVE FUN!

*send a pic or a clip of you enjoying your challenge to Mr.A at davea@woodfordps.vic.edu.au

Woodford’s 1st Teddy Bear- Washing basket – Hallway shoot out!

Week 5 Remote Learning P.E Challenge is an ALL-TIME favourite.

Basketball Shooting practice in your hallway!

Find your washing basket & 5 teddies good for shooting with & see who wins!

Take 10 shots with each Teddy and record which soft toy would be the best team mate 🙂

Prep, 1 & 2 students – shoot from around 10 steps back from your basket.

Yr 3, 4, 5 & 6 students – shoot from 8 steps back for 1 point per shot, 10 steps for 2 points per shot or 12 steps for a 3 pointer!

10 shots with each Teddy!

Click on IMG 1117 below to watch MR.A in his hallway.

Click IMG 1118 below to watch Hoot-a-belle SWISH!!




HAVE FUN! *don’t break anything! Send any pics or videos to Mr.A at davea@woodfordps.vic.edu.au

Prep, 1’s & 2’s – Week 5 – Mr. A’s P.E Remote Learning Challenge

Prep – 2 – Week 5

Mr. A’s P.E Remote Learning Challenge

30 seconds WORKING HARD + 30 seconds REST

G’day Juniors! This week we are follow a few instructions to get our heart pumping and our bodies nice and sweaty!

Mr.A’s challenge for you this week is to CHOOSE 5 ACTIVITES which you are going to MAKE YOU PUFF.

Set a timer and do the first action quickly for 30 seconds, then you have 30 seconds off,

Then complete your 2nd activity for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest,

Then complete your 3rd activity for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest,

Then complete your 4th activity for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest,

Then complete your 5th activity for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest,

And do this 8 times! Yep, all 5 activities 8 times.

It will take you 40 minutes! That should make you sweaty – even on a cold day!

Which activities could you do for 30 seconds?

Star Jumps / burpees / mountain climbers/ running on the spot / tuck jumps / Dips / squats / donkey kicks / sit ups / lunges / commando’s / sitting twists / bicycles / ski jumps ***YOU CHOOSE***

For heaps of ideas see Dale Sidebottom’s 30 Body Movement activities on Mr.A’s PE blog


Or watch Mr.A complete the task himself on the same page!

Have fun! *Doing it with a partner, perhaps they can go while you rest  – then it’s your turn again!

Year 3-6 – Week 5 – Remote Learning P.E Challenge ‘1 in 100’

Year 3-6 – Week 5

Remote Learning P.E Challenge

We are all together this week Year 3-6’s – just like on Wednesday’s at school.

Why? Because this Mr.A Challenge is too much fun to miss out on!

I call it “1 in 100”

Here’s the plan. Find a goal which you can catch a ball in. A bin is good, a large tub, or maybe hula hoop.

Set yourself a task to get a ball into the goal. And have a go at it 100 times.

Here’s the trick though. Your task you create MUST BE HARD!

Like, even after 100 attempts – you may not have got it in yet!

Maybe it’s kicking the footy into the bin form 25 steps away, perhaps you’re throwing a basketball into the tub – over your head, or with your eyes closed!

The harder the better – because when you DO GET IT IN – YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION!

But, there are a few elements not to forget. Mark down how many attempts you have had – AND mark down how many times you are successful at your task, because…….

For every attempt you miss, you need to create a punishment!

Perhaps it’s a 20 metre sprint, maybe 3 star jumps. If you are not successful at your task, you will have to do this punishment 100 times!

*If you are playing alone, simply RUNNING FAST to go and get your ball when you miss is a good punishment. Perhaps you will get your ball – then run around a tree then back to your starting position. Doing this 100 times will affect your ability to get it in as you get tired!

Other ideas for ‘1-100’ – hitting a tennis ball into a target, rolling a table tennis ball into a cup, throwing a Frisbee into a tub.

HOT TIP – Set up a camera and film yourself attempting your task – then send it to Mr.A show we can show the school your brilliance on the blog,

If you can send your ‘1-100’ success clips or stories to Mr.A at davea@woodfordps.vic.edu.au

Mr. A shows how his ‘1 in 100’ task can be done at home on the Woodford PE blog page,

have a look at http://woodfordpe.global2.vic.edu.au/