Marble Drop Ideas

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Family Challenge for Education Week

Design the slowest marble drop machine as part of our Education Week festival of learning. The challenge can be completed at home with help from parents. Families can enter more than once, simply have your completed marble drop machine at school by Wednesday 20th May for judging.
The rules are simple, design a machine that takes as long as possible for a marble to reach the bottom once released from the top. The timed marble will remain ‘alive’ as long as it is in motion, with the slowest machine crowned the champion.
Each machine must have a footprint no greater than an A4 piece of paper (you will need to design your own base board), and not be higher than 40cm. Machines can be constructed out of anything, such as recycled materials from home, lego, old pipe, etc. The only limit is your imagination.
Judging will occur on the Wednesday night, during our Education Week expo.