Friday 30th October

We are learning to find the meaning in songs and poems.

We can:

  • Find key words in the text.
  • Look for key lines that are repeated.
  • Find the meaning of key words.

Click here for a written piece of lyrics to analyse today. Remember to highlight the words and think of the meaning.

We are learning to write poetry with meaning.

Today’s Theme is: THE MOUNTAIN or KING of the MOUNTAIN

Taurus Mountains | mountains, Turkey | BritannicaHalls Gap and Grampians Visitor Information Centre, Information Services, Grampians, Victoria, Australia

You may write a song, rap, slam poem, simile poem, metaphor poem, imagery poem.

It may rhyme or not. It can be free verse.

We are learning to multiply fractions.

Fraction of a Whole Number Lesson - Smartboard | Fractions, Solving word  problems, Lesson

How Do You Multiply a Whole Number by a Fraction? | Virtual Nerd

Click here to see an example

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