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I love my white shoes

We’re going on a bear hunt

Literacy and Numeracy activities.


Share a story with a focus on rhyme. Aaron Blabey, Matt Cosgrove and Dr Suess books are a great start.  Discuss words that rhyme in the text. Draw pictures of things that rhyme or write a list of words that rhyme.
The following website provides examples of games:

Weekend writing-

Prep- Encourage your child to talk about what they did. Draw a picture. Use sounds they can hear to write about their weekend. Use the sentence starter: On the weekend…

Grade 1- Encourage your child to: talk about what they did, use capital letters and full stops, write events in sequence using first, next, finally.

Easter writing-

Share an Easter story you have at home or watch the story below. Discuss what happened in the text. Use the sentence starter: If I were the Easter bunny I would…



We are learning about symmetry in maths. Use the following links for examples of fun ways to learn about symmetry.

Chameleon changing colour

The mixed up chameleon

Thursday’s Writing Prompt- Feather’s for Phoebe

Listen to the story and discuss what you are good at. Use the writing prompt ‘I am good at…’

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