Week 10 Prep/1/2

Cardboard Animals
Using cardboard to make animals.
I have created a few for you to have a look at. The pictures are there to show you what you will need to draw to make your animal. You could even try and make an animal that I haven’t done like a crocodile, lion or monkey.
Good luck!

Shark 🦈

Sheep 🐑

Elephant 🐘

Giraffe 🦒


Week 10 3/4/5/6

Optical Illusion Art
Today we are making an optical illusion by focussing on line. I have made a video in time lapse so you understand what to do but also have written the instructions down for you below.

What you will need-
Piece of paper
Greylead pencil
Permanent marker
Bowl or round container

What you need to do-
1. Draw a circle in the middle of the page by tracing around a bowl or container.

2. Next, draw 6 curved lines horizontally and 6 curved lines vertically. I measured 1.5 cm from the edge of the circle. This gave it more of the rounded look.

3. Then, draw straight vertical and horizontal lines evenly in the background.

4. Once you are happy with the look, go over the lines with a permanent marker.

5. Colour the squares in a checkered sort of pattern both inside and outside the circle. I started from the middle of the circle to make sure I made no mistakes!

6. Finally, use a lead pencil to shade around one side of the circle to give the appearance of a shadow.


Week 9 Grade 3/4/5/6

Tin Foil Statues

This week we are making a statue of a sportsperson playing their sport using tin foil. We are then using light to create a silhouette of your statue.

Don’t forget I love to see your creations so please send them to me at courtneyd@woodfordps.vic.edu.au


Week 9 Prep/1/2

Lion Collage 🦁

This week we are learning to draw a lion and create a collage mane using paper, magazines or catalogues.


Free Choice Art

This weekend is Father’s Day. So I thought I could give you some simple ideas to create things for Dad, Grandpa, an Uncle, a father figure or even for Mum.

Origami Shirt
The first one is an origami shirt that can have a message, photo or drawing inside.

Canvas Picture
The Reject Shop have a 2 pack of Artist Canvases for $4 that you could draw with markers or paint a family portrait. Would be a great addition to an office or work desk for your special someone.


What you will need:
-old magazine or newspaper
-cardboard from a cereal box
-Textas or paints
-sticky tape

1. Carefully tear out some pages of a magazine and make a fan out of each page.
2. Gather the fans together and wrap a strip of tape around the centre holding them together.
3. Fan out the paper and you small strips of tape to stick the edges together until the circle rosette holds in place.
4. Use a small plate or mug to trace to circles out of the cardboard. Cut the circles out and decorate one to tell your dad or special person that they are the best!
5. If you have coloured card cut out a slightly larger circle and stick on the decorated circle to help it stand out.
6. Draw, cut out and colour in two ribbons out of the cardboard.
7. Use some big dollops of glue or double over the tape to stick the circles in the middle of the rosette, front and back.
8. Stick the cardboard ribbons to the back of the rosette along with a loop of string to hang it up and show everyone.


Week 7 Grade 3/4/5/6


This week we are having a look at making play dough sculptures. If we were at school we would be using clay or plasticine. So if you have play dough at home it is the next best thing to use. I have made a video of how to make an owl. You do not have to make an owl you can making anything.

If you don’t have play dough you could make some.

I can’t wait to see what you can create.

Don’t forgot when making your sculpture there are different techniques like-


Week 7 Prep/1/2

Foil Sculpture
This week we are making a foil person and placing them around your house doing something.

Don’t forget to send a photo of your person to courtneyd@woodfordps.vic.edu.au


Wednesday Week 6- 3-6

We are going to use our imagination and creativity to alter an object.

What can a fork become?

Is there a vegetable or fruit you can make into something?

Watch the video below to give you some ideas.

Think outside the square and try and be creative!

This is an activity to have fun with.

Please email a photo of your creation to



Wednesday Week 6- Prep/1/2


We are learning how to draw a fish in a fish bowl.

Please watch the video below to complete your art.

Please don’t forget to email your artwork to me.
Thanks Miss Dale

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