Week 6 Maths Homework Task

Choose ONE of the following activities to play at home…..

  1. Know My Number

Please adapt this game with how many players you have at home. It can be played with two people.
This game is played similarly to “Celebrity Head”. Three students sit in front of the whiteboard, facing the class. Three other students are asked to select a three digit number and write it onto the whiteboard behind where the students are sitting so that they are not able to see it. The three “contestants” then proceed to ask questions to help them identify their number. These questions can only be answered with “yes” or “no”. If the answer is “no”, play then moves to the next student. The first student to determine their number, wins.

Encourage use of questions which focus upon place value, such as Do I have a 4 in my hundreds column?
Do I have an even number in my tens column?

Discussion can also follow about “good questions” which omit possibilities very quickly, such as “Am I an even number?”, as opposed to very narrow questions such as “Am I 542?”, which only rules out one possibility.

2. Telephone Maths

Materials: page of telephone directory, calculator

Each student randomly selects a telephone number from the listed directory
eg. 9842 6733. They then separate this telephone number into two four digit numbers. i.e. 9 842 and 6 733. Students decide which of their two numbers is the greatest and using the calculator, subtract the smaller number from this to find the difference.
9 842 – 6 733 = 3 109.
The student with the smallest difference scores one point, and the activity is repeated with another telephone number. The first student to score five points wins.
Variation: Student with the greatest difference wins.

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