Remote Learning Thursday 8th October

P-2 Investigation Project – Middle Island Warrnambool

Some family movies that you may find appropriate to watch with your children include: Oddball G, Penguins of Madagascar G, Mr Popper’s Penguins G, Happy Feet G.

Today you will engage in the following activities to learn more about the Little Penguins that live on Middle Island. 

  • Read/Listen to facts about the Little Penguins.
  • Watch short videos about the Little Penguins to learn new facts and get a close up of what they look like.
  • Create your very own Little Penguin using what you have learnt about them.


Read the following facts about Little Penguins with a parent or sibling:

Click on the link below. 

Watch the following videos to learn more about Little Penguins in Australia and the Little Penguins and Maremma dogs on Middle Island.


Create your very own Little Penguin using what you have learnt about them.

Use some dark blue/black and white play dough/plasticine to make a model of a Little Penguin  (if you only have other colours, that is ok). An alternative could be to make it out of paper, cardboard, toilet roll or paper cups (as long as it stands up by itself).

Below are some ideas for creating your penguin.
The Little Penguins on Middle Island are navy blue in colour and do not have orange beaks or feet. 

*We would love to see your Little Penguins! Please send a photo to your teacher.

Click on the link for instructions on how to make the cardboard/toilet roll penguin:

The following video shows you how to make a penguin using a clear plastic bottle and some cotton wool or cushion filler. Watch up to 3 minutes 20 seconds. (Little penguins don’t live in igloos!)



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