Thursday 4th March


We are learning to identify strategies good readers use:

Can I Keep Him? by Steven Kellogg

Replace the animals in this story, and come up with reasons why they would not be a good pet?
Eg: I found a sloth. Can I keep him? 261 Three Toed Sloth Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

No dear. They are slow, smelly and have huge claws.

Add new words to each spelling sound! Can you add 10 words for each /ee/ spelling??

We are learning about the structure of a persuasive piece.

We can:

  • Learn about having a point of view
  • Identify if we agree or disagree with a topic
  • Come up with quick thinking reasoning for our points of view.

Activity; For the topics below, decide if you agree or disagree with the topic. Draw a T-chart in your homework book. Put each of these topics under agree or disagree and add a reason why you have put it on that side.

100 Persuasive Essay Topics

Addition on a Numberline: Practise using numberlines to solve addition problems:

Open Number Line Addition - Math Coach's Corner

Today’s Worksheet: OpenNumberLineAddition-1

Complete the following IXL activities for FLUENCY practise:

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