Friday 19th February:

Thursday February 18th

Checkin Discussion: What are you looking forwarded to doing this weekend!?

Read this Kids News Article: Calling our kids- our wildlife needs your help

Threats to Wildlife

    1. The Kids News article outlines threats facing Australian wildlife today and why we have so many threatened or endangered species.


2. Which one of Robert Irwin’s suggestions of little things you can do would you like to take up? Work with a partner and write a list of things to do to achieve one of these suggestions.

Word building.  Make a list of words you can make from your spelling words by adding prefixes and suffixes. eg. explain – explains, explained

Activity: Design your own Dream Jar

Write something in your jar that you might see in a happy dream.

How would you explain your dream to a friend?

Think about:

  • Where, when, who and why.
  • What is the mood of your dream? (Happy, sad, excited, worried, etc)

What describing words could use to make it sound amazing.

Practice your counting goal for five minutes.



Discuss what a polygon is.

Explore and experiment making different polygons.

  1. Make shapes using matchsticks.
  2. Stick shapes onto a piece of paper.
  3. Label the vertices and edges (sides) on each polygon.
  4. Stick sheet into your workbook.

Expectations: Make at least 10-15 shapes.


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